4 mountains that overcome the magic number of 6 thousand meters. 4 different objectives, 4 new summits, 1 single expedition. San Francisco (6,018), Vicuñas (6,067), Ermitaño (6,146) and Peñas Blancas (6,050) are the mountains that invite us to fulfill this challenging and ambitious project.


All these mountains present simple routes of ascent, traveling approx. 1000 meters of altitude in each, which can be accessed after crossing sandy and hidden roads in the desert. 


Once established in base camp, located in Laguna Verde (4,300 mts), all climbings are for just a day, always starting from the comfort of the camp and returning to the same point after each ascent, to enjoy a good meal, pleasant thermal baths and a restful rest.


October 31 up to november 8, 2019.



Day 1:  Flight to Copiapó-Laguna Santa Rosa. Start of acclimatisation. 

Early flight to Copiapó, from which the overland journey to Santa Rosa, the first camp at 3,700 mts-11,811 ft, will start.

One night at the shores of this picturesque lake inhabited by various flamenco species. 

Day 2: Laguna Verde (4,300 mts-14.107 ft).

Arrival at base camp. Setting up the camp in which we will stay until the end of the expedition.

Day 3: Hike up Mulas Muertas.

Acclimatisation hike, up to an altitude of around 17.060 ft. Return to base camp.

Day 4: Climb of the volcano San Francisco (6,020 mt-19,803 ft).

Climb of the trip's first 6000 meter mountain (19685 ft). Up a clear path with excellent views of the Incahuasi volcano (21.817 ft).

Day 5: Climb of the volcano Peñas Blancas (6,056 mts-19,868 ft).

Ascent of the trip´s second 6000 metre mountain. Passing along the edge of the Laguna Verde salt flats. Short climb using a faint path.

Day 6: Laguna Verde.

Rest day in camp and the hot springs.

Day 7: Climb of the volcano Ermitaño (6,180 mts-20,275 ft).

Ascent of the trip´s third 6000 metre mountain. The highest of the 6 mountains. By far the mountain whose climb involves the greatest variety of landscapes

Day 8: Climb of the volcano Vicuñas (6,060 mts-19,881 ft).

Ascent of the trip´s forth and final 6,000 metre mountain. Short climb up to the pass that divides the Vicuñas and its neighbour, the Barrancas Blancas.

Día 9: Return to Caldera.

Drive towards the port of Caldera. Night in hotel or drop off at Copiapó airport.
*All the programs can be adapted to the needs of the different groups.