SAN JOSÉ VOLCANO, 5,880 MTS - 19,291 FT

This volcano is located approximately 3 hours from the city of Santiago, in an area of great tourist attraction, which has many interesting of those who love the mountains.


Of the large number of volcanoes that the Andes has, there are several that are still remain active, one of them is the San José. During its climbing it is possible to appreciate —especially during the mornings— fumaroles near its summit, a sign that this giant is still awake.


Its classic route of ascent do not have hard steps, only some careful as in all mountain route.


From its summit it is possible to appreciate the huge amount of mountains located around this volcano, with its inseparable companion on one side, the Nevado Marmolejo, who silently observes it as the most privileged witness of all its eruptions.

Next ascent: Starting on 2021.



•Day 1: Santiago – Cabrerío (parking zone) – Refugio Plantat (3,130 mts-10,269 ft).
Long trek  to base camp 1. Support of mules.

•Día 2: Ref. Plantat – Camp 1 (C1 4,100 mts-13,451 ft).

Ascent from Plantat to C1 (no mules).

•Day 3: C1 –  C2 (4,750 mts-15,783 ft).
Ascent from a long ridge from C1 to C2..

•Day 4: C2 – San José summit – C2
Summit day. Long ascent on a path of volcanic material. Stunning views of the mountain range. Return to C2.

•Day 5: C2 – Cabrerío - Stgo.

Drive back down to hotel in Santiago.

*All the programs can be adapted to the needs of the different groups.