The Pomerape volcano, an immediate neighbour of the Parinacota volcano, is a beautiful mountain nestled in the Chilean-Bolivian "altiplano". The Pomerape volcano is located at the Bolivian border, just next to its bigger brother: the volcano Parinacota. 

The climbing route, via the north face, does not include major difficulties, as altitude is gained by ascending gentle slopes. Its summit, a crown of ice and snow, is a wide esplanade from which the imposing surrounding peaks and unique lagoons and desert wetlands can be appreciated.

Next climbing date: starting on july 2021.


Day 1: Flight to Arica. Drive to Putre (3,600 mts - 11,811 ft).

Early morning flight to Arica. Drive of around 3 hours to the small town of Putre, Night in hotel. Dinner.

Day 2: Drive to Parinacota (4,450 mts - 14,500 ft). 

Drive of around 2 hours to an inn in this small village.  Walk around the village.

Day 3: Climb of the mountain Guane-Guane (5,190 mts - 17,027 ft).

Acclimatisation climb of the mountain Guane-Guane close to the village of Parinacota. A total of around 8 hours. Night in inn.

Day 4: Base Camp (4,950 mts - 16,240 ft). 

Drive of around 2.5 hours to base camp, located at just under 5,000 mts - 16,404 ft of altitude, at the foot of the mountain. 

Day 5:Carry day to high camp (5,300 mts - 17,388 ft).

Carrying equipment to the high camp, just at the foot of the snowfields that lead to the summit. Return to base camp. 

Day 6: CB-High Camp (5,300 mts - 17,388 ft).

Hike to high camp before the summit day.

Day 7: Summit Pomerape.

Summit day of around 8-10 hours. Night in high camp or base camp and then return to base camp. 

Day 8: Return to Arica.

Drive to Arica. Night in hotel. 

Day 9: Flight to Santiago

Drive from hotel to Arica airport. Return to Santiago.

*All the programs can be adapted to the needs of the different groups.