The Pissis with its 6,790 meters (22,276 feet) is the third highest mountain in the Americas and towers proudly over its neighbours. 


Nestled within the argentinian desert, the sheer approach is an adventure in itself: over 90 kilometres off-track crossing through mountainous, desert terrain, fording streams and rivers, passing beautiful intensely coloured turquoise lakes under the curious observation of the numerous vicuñas and guanacos that populate this desolate landscape. 


The Pissis five summits present an interesting challenge to those trying to climb it. Its principal summit can be reached after crossing snowfields, scree slopes and secondary summits. Enjoy around 15 days full of adventure and incredible landscapes within an overwhelming alpine setting.


Next expeditions: 


•Day 1: Flight to Copiapó. Vallecito, start of acclimatisation. 

Early flight to Copiapó, from which the overland journey to Vallecito, the first camp at 2,800 mts (9,190 ft), will start.

Day 2: Laguna Santa Rosa (3,700 mts - 12,140 ft). 

Two hour drive to the Lake Santa Rosa. Gentle hike around the shore of the lake. 

•Day 3: Laguna Verde (4,300 mts - 14,107 ft).  

Drive towards the Laguna Verde where we will set up base camp. Individual tents and a dining dome tent. 

•Day 4: Hike up the mountain Mulas Muertas. 

Acclimatisation hike up the mountain Mulas Muertas, to an altitude of  5,250 mts (17,224 ft). Rest and return to base camp. 

•Day 5: Climb of the volcano San Francisco (6,036 mts - 19,803 ft).

After an early start, the San Francisco is climbed within 5 - 6 hours.  Return to base camp. 

•Day 6: Laguna Verde - Fiambalá (1.700 mts - 5,577 ft)

Day of travel from Lag. Verde to the argentinian town of Fiambalá. Hotel. 

•Day 7: Fiambalá - Base Camp (4,790 mts - 15,715 ft).

Base camp, comfortable setting in a narrow gully.  

•Day 8: Base Camp-Carrying equipment (5,400 mts - 17,716 ft ).

Carry day, from where the attempt on the summit will be launched. 

•Day 9: Base Camp

Rest day.

•Day 10: Base Camp - High Camp 

Hike up to the high camp. Day before summit attempt.

•Day 11: High Camp -Summit-High Camp

Summit day. Long, scenic day in which snowfields are crossed and rocky paths are used. Return to high camp. 

•Day 12: High Camp -Base Camp - Copiapó

Take down of the high- and base  camp. Return to Copiapó.

•Day 13: Flight to Santiago.

Drive from Caldera to the airport and flight to Santiago.

•Día 14: Extra day
*All the programs can be adapted to the needs of the different groups.