The volcano Parinacota owes its name to the parinas (Andean flamingos). It is the region´s highest mountain and lies just north of the lake Chungará. It forms part of the Nevados de Payachatas mountain chain within the national park Lauca, a biosphere reserve.  


It is probably the most climbed mountain in the area owing to its height and its climb of low technical difficulty. The imposing Pomerape, another giant of over 6000 metres is its immediate neighbour. Both form the border with Bolivia and from their summits , the unique vast altiplanic landscapes can be observed.

The area through which we will pass is known for its great cultural and archaeological heritage. We will travel through populated areas such as the towns of Putre, Parinacota, Socoroma and Caquena.


The area boasts a wide variety of native fauna including vicuñas, guayas, flamingos, and vizcachas.


Next climbing date: starting on 2020.


Day 1: Flight to Arica. Drive to Putre (3,600 mts - 11,811 ft).

Early morning flight to Arica. Drive of around 3 hours to the small town of Putre, Night in hotel. Dinner.

Day 2: Drive to Parinacota (4,450 mts - 14,500 ft). 

Drive of around 2 hours to an inn in this small village.  Walk around the village.

Day 3: Climb of the mountain Guane-Guane (5,190 mts - 17,027 ft).

Acclimatisation climb of the mountain Guane-Guane close to the village of Parinacota. A total of around 8 hours. Night in inn.

Day 4: Base Camp (4,950 mts - 16,240 ft). 

Drive of around 2.5 hours to base camp, located at just under 5,000 mts - 16,404 ft of altitude, at the foot of the mountain. 

Day 5:Carry day to high camp (5,395 mts - 17,700 ft).

Carrying equipment to the high camp, just at the foot of the snowfields that lead to the summit. Return to base camp. 

Day 6: CB-High Camp (5,395 mts - 17,700 ft).

Hike to high camp before the summit day.

Day 7: Summit Parinacota.

Summit day of around 8-10 hours. Night in high camp or base camp and then return to base camp. 

Day 8: Return to Arica.

Drive to Arica. Night in hotel. 

Day 9: Flight to Santiago

Drive from hotel to Arica airport. Return to Santiago.

*All the programs can be adapted to the needs of the different groups.