Nevado Marmolejo - 6.108 m / 20,039 FT, CHILE

Nevado Marmolejo

The Nevado Marmolejo is the world's southernmost 6,000 metre mountain and located at the Chilean-Argentinian border just southeast of Santiago.  Its 6,108 m rise above its immediate neighbour the volcano San José and the volcano Maipo. 


Its ascent involves crossing long valleys that give way to steep slopes, which lead to the higher altitude camps.  To reach the summit, a long, gentle sloping glacier has to be crossed followed by a faint pumice stone trail. From the summit, the colossal extent of the central Andean mountain range can be appreciated as well as the impressive north face of the Marmolejo.  


Expedition Nevado Marmolejo, climbing the southernmost of the highest mountains in the world. 


Next climbing dates: January 30 to february 4th 2018

Nevado Marmolejo climbing programme

Day 1: Arrival in Santiago. 

Pick-up at the airport, drop-off at hotel in Santiago, check of equipment and clothing. Dinner at hotel. .

Day 2: Day in Santiago
Day for personal matters in  Santiago. 

Day 3: Santiago - C1 (3.150 mts-10.170 ft).
Long trek  to base camp 1. Support of mules.

Day 4: CB - Camp 2 (4.100 mts-13.450 ft).
Ascent from a long ridge from C1 to camp 2, where it will rest for 2 days.

Day 5: C2
Acclimatization day. Carrying equipment to C3; return to C2. 

Day 6: C2 - C3 (4.920 mts-16.240 ft).
Ascent from camp 2 to high camp.

Day 7: C3 - Marmolejo summit (6.108 mts-20.275 ft) - C3
Summit day. Long ascent by glacier and on a path of volcanic material. Stunning views of the mountain range. Return to C3.

Day 8: C3 - Santiago.
Drive back down to hotel in Santiago. Dinner.

Day 9: Day in Santiago
Day for personal matters in  Santiago.

Day 10: Drop off at airport.

Drop-off at Santiago airport. End of the Marmolejo expedition and the services of AndesContact. 



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