CERRO EL PLOMO, 5,425 MTS - 17,798 FT

There are many beautiful glaciers that surround the city of Santiago, but none is as clear as the one in Cerro El Plomo.

This giant, which reaches 5,425 mts - 17,798 ft., rises in the highest part of the Farellones area, well known for its ski resorts. It is from the highest part of one of those centers (La Parva), where the trail that leads the mountaineers to where this hill and glacier begins.


It is a first approach to the high peaks and gather all the conditions of a big-high mountain: large, cold, windy and sharp.

The mountain has many ascension routes, which can be climbed depending on the level of experience and knowledge of the different climbers. The normal route corresponds to the classic climb path to the El Plomo glacier and has no hard climbing steps.




Day 1: Santiago - Piedra Numerada Camp (3,150 mts-10,334 ft).

Day 2: Piedra Numerada Camp - Federación Camp (4,100 mts-13,451 ft).
Day 3: El Plomo summit day; return to Federación camp.
Day 4: Federación campo - Returno to Santiago.
*All the programs can be adapted to the needs of the different groups.