CERRO EL MORADO, 4,670 MTS - 15,321 FT

El Morado hill, with its 4,670 mts (15,321 ft), is an interesting challenge, just a few hours from Santiago. Placed in a full climbing area, with lots of glaciated peaks that exceed, in some cases, 5 thousand meters, El Morado is still a great sport climb option for many people. 


His ascent is technically simple but delicate. There are steep slopes in some stretches and it´s necessary to cross over a glacier that is sometimes very cracked, but which enhance the climbing of an icon of the Cajón del Maipo.


Difficulty: Medium

Number of participants: maximum 2.

Next climbing date: to be confirmed.



•Día 1: Santiago - BC (Laguna El Morado 3,100 mts-10,170 ft). 

Drive from Santiago up to Cajón del Maipo.

Option: accomodation in Refugio Aleman por 1 night.

•Día 2: CB - Plateau (3,700 mts-12,139 ft).
Snow fields climbing through the north face of the mountain. Camp set on glacier.

•Día 3: C. Plateau-Summit-BC.

Long summit day. Return to BC after summit. Drive back down to Santiago. 
*It may be possible to reduce the climbing days just to 2 days.