6x6 - Six 6,000 m (20,000 ft) peaks -

6 mountains that surpass the magical 6000 metre mark, 6 different objectives, 6 new summits, 1 single expedition. San Francisco (6,018), Fraile (6,040), Barrancas Blancas (6,119), Vicuñas (6,067), Ermitaño (6,146) and Peñas Blancas (6,030) are the 6 milestones that constitute this ambitious and challenging project.


Essentially these are forgotten mountains that are usually outshone by the key objective of the area: the Ojos del Salado whose 6,893 metres attract the attention of almost all visitors. Nonetheless, for those aiming to collect high altitude milestones within an area laden with 6000 metre mountains, this embodies a challenging and tough undertaking.


Once set up at base camp at the Laguna Verde (4,300 mts), all climbs can be accomplished for the day, leaving from- and returning to the the comfort of the camp for each climb. This allows to good food, the lovely hot springs and a well-deserved rest to be enjoyed throughout the expedition.


Although this is a physically demanding objective in the sheer number of climbs, these are relatively short  climbs that take between 3 and 6 hours each to cover a little more than 1000 metres of elevation difference. For this reason, just a decent level of fitness, focus and determination are paramount to meet these continuous challenges. For every two mountains there is one rest day at base camp. 

6x6 climbing program

Day 1: Arrival in Santiago.


Pick-up at the airport, drop-off at hotel in Santiago, check of equipment and clothing. Dinner at hotel. 

Día 2: Day in Santiago.
Day for personal matters in the city. 

Día 3: Flight to Copiapó. Vallecito, start of acclimatisation. 

Early flight to Copiapó, from which the overland journey to Vallecito, the first camp at 2,800m, will start.

Day 4: Laguna Santa Rosa (3.600 mts).

One night at the shores of this picturesque lake inhabited by various flamenco species. 

Día 5: Laguna Verde (4.300 mts).

Arrival at base camp. Setting up the camp in which we will stay until the end of the expedition.

Day 6: Hike up Mulas Muertas (5.850 mts).

Acclimatisation hike, up to an altitude of around 5,200 metres. Return to base camp.

Day 7: Climb of the volcano San Francisco (6,036 mts).

Climb of the trip's first 6000 metre mountain. Up a clear path with excellent views of the volcano Incahuasi (6,650 mts).

Day 8: Climb of the volcano Peñas Blancas (6,056 mts).

Ascent of the trip´s second 6000 metre mountain. Passing along the edge of the Laguna Verde salt flats. Short climb using a faint path. 

Day 9: Laguna Verde

Rest day in camp and the hot springs.

Day 10: Climb of the volcano Fraile (6,080 mts).

Ascent of the trip's third 6000 metre mountain. Spectacular approach to arrive at the high valley of the volcanoes Incahuasi and Fraile. 

Day 11: Climb of the volcano Barrancas Blancas (6,118 mts).

Ascent of the trip´s fourth 6000 metre mountain. Fast and direct climb up the volcano's north flank. Fabulous view of the Nevado Tres Cruces towards the west.  

Day 12: Laguna Verde 

Rest day in camp and the hot springs.


Day 13: Climb of the volcano Ermitaño (6,180 mts).

Ascent of the trip´s fifth 6000 metre mountain. The highest of the 6 mountains.  By far the mountain whose climb involves the greatest variety of landscapes. 

Day 14: Climb of the volcano Vicuñas (6,060 mts).

Ascent of the trip´s sixth and final 6000 metre mountain. Short climb up to the pass that divides the Vicuñas and its neighbour, the Barrancas Blancas.

Day 15: Return to Caldera.

Drive towards the port of Caldera. Night in hotel. 

Day 16: Flight to Santiago


Return to Santiago. Drive from hotel in Caldera to Copiapó airport. Drive from Santiago airport to hotel.

Day 17: Day in Santiago.


Day to explore the city. 

Day 18: Drop off at airport.


Drop-off at Santiago airport. End of the 6x6 expedition and the services of AndesContact.

6x6 expedition images


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