Chile is a country of big and beautiful mountains. The Andean mountain range spans almost 9000 kms and covers from North to South almost 4600 kms of Chilean soil. This draws the admiring looks of people from all over the world to these impressive giants that elevate themselves over the Chilean landscape. 


AndesContact is a company that aims to accomplish a variety of outdoor activities - within a mountainous setting - catering for all levels of experience of its participants. For over 10 years we have been organising climbs in the Andean mountain range, ranging from the highest peaks in the  North of the country  of mainly over 6000 metres down to snowy and green mountains in the South of Chile. 

AndesContact offers a variety of programmes that can be adapted to cater for the different needs and interests of its participants, as do the services we offer to companies. 

  • Private and group guided expeditions.
  • Logistics and support for independent expeditions.
  • Mountaineering and climbing courses and workshops.
  • Logistics, training, safety and work-at-height in remote areas.
  • Adaptable programmes to cater for different groups.

Our mission is to deliver a high quality service to those participating in our trips and climbs to these unique landscapes, in which safety is always a prime concern. All of our guides/instructors meet UIAA standards and are certified in wilderness first aid (Wilderness First Responder), and have extensive local knowledge, and as professionals are of course fully committed to their work.


We invite you to be part of the adventures that AndesContact has to offer.  


Mountain guide and instructor of the Escuela Nacional de Montaña (National Mountaineering School) since 2003. Guide belonging to the Guía Asociación Chilena de Guías de Montaña (Chilean Mountain Guide Association ), ACGM. UIAA Training Standards. Wilderness First Responder (WFR). Graphic Designer, Universidad del Pacífico, Chile.


Mountaineer and climber with over 20 years experience. Trains aspiring mountaineers at the Escuela Nacional de Montaña (National Mountaineering School) and works as a teacher in the Ecotourism degree program of the University San Sebastián.  

Columnist of climbing themes for the online portal  www.lasegunda.cl for seven years.


In 2011, led and entirely organised the first Chilean ascent of the Annapurna of 8,091 metres in the Nepalese Himalayas. In 2007, participated in the first Chilean ascent of the Nanga Parbat of 8,125 metres in Pakistan. 


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